I.V. CANNULA with Injection Port

  • Reduce penetration force, kink resistant and specially tapered catheter for easy vein puncture with minimum traumatic.
  • Translucent cannula hub allows for easy detection of blood flashback at vein insertion;
  • Radio-opaque Teflon cannula;
  • Can be connected to syringe by removing filter cap to expose lure taper end;
  • The application of hydrophobic membrane filter eliminates blood leakage;
  • Close and smooth contact between cannula tip and inner needle enables safe and smooth venipuncture.
  • EO gas sterile.


A complete range of the fine quality IV Cannula. Used for clinical peripheral vascular system insertion, repeated infusion/blood transfusion potential nutrition, emergency rescue, etc.

  • Color-coded IV Cannula/IV catheter;
  • 1 pc/blister packing;
  • 50 pcs/box,1000 pcs/CTN;
  • OEM available.


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